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  Contributing to Exams4Pilots   

The Exams4Pilots site strives to always be a free resource for students and pilots wishing to improve their aeronautical knowledge. While this site can be used as a 'starter' to get you in a general sense familiar with FAA test questions, it is no longer a complete resource for taking or passing FAA written tests. For that, we recommend the GroundSchool FAA written test preps by Dauntless Aviation who can provide not only more up to date questions, but also detailed, illustrated explanations.

We at EXAMS4PILOTS are very grateful to the volunteer help we have received over the years.

If you wish to support this site, the best thing you can do is to get a Dauntless GroundSchool FAA Test prep. Not only will you help your own cause towards getting a great score on your FAA knowledge test, but now EXAMS4PILOTS content is also updated, to some degree, via the 'question issue report' or 'ask a CFI' features found within Dauntless apps and programs.

Thank you for your support over the years!