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The Exams4Pilots philosophy is simple: Smarter pilots mean safer skies. Toward that goal, this site seeks to provide a convenient place where pilots, both new and experienced, can come to build their aeronautical knowledge. However, due to changes to the way that the FAA now offers tests, this site is no longer a complete source for FAA written test prep. While this site may offer you a 'taster' of the questions, for a complete resource for taking and passing your FAA written test, there is none better than the GroundSchool series of FAA Written Test preps by Dauntless Aviation, available at www.FAATest.com.

The Dauntless preps are available:

Besides being easy to use and regularly updated, the Dauntless Materials also feature detailed, illustated explanations. This is really important, as the FAA is taking active steps to discourage 'memorization' of questions. The FAA is now actively changing their testing system to discourage memorization! Because the Daunltess preps do a great job in explaining the material, you will be optimally prepared if you take the time to learn from them.

Please be sure to check them out!

Exams4Pilots Features

Some of the features that appear in this site are:

  • FAA Questions
  • Explanations for some questions
  • The ability to leave comments, suggestions, and explanations for questions!
  • RADAR - A utility for finding other pilots in your area!

It's not 2004 any more! Here's why you should be skeptical of 'free' FAA test prep sites or sites that don't offer in-depth explanations

Back in the early 2000s, the FAA regularly published lists of FAA test prep questions via its website. Before long, this site and other resources came into being based on the questions released by the FAA. Because the test banks were small and all of the questions were mostly known, test taker scores soared. Unfortunately, the high test scores were not indicative of much more than the ability to memorize questions--or even worse, raw answers ("84.01 inches" used to be a famously memorized answer). Examiner pilots routinely noticed that pilots with high written test scores often didn't actually seem to have internalized the aeronautical knowledge to match. The FAA, rightly, was concerned.

The FAA therefore took a two pronged approach to this problem. One, it stopped publishing its complete test banks to all comers, and two, it started introducing multiple variations on given questions to discourage memorization. Or, rather, to where it would have been more effort to memorize than to simply learn the material. This process by the FAA is ongoing and test banks continue to be updated with this aim.

When the FAA first started this process, we here at Exams4Pilots did more than most at keeping our users reasonably up to date with changes. Certainly, we did this much better than the numerous brain-dead "memorization" sites out there (and this includes a few rather expensive 'sit and memorize' in-person ground-school courses at some flight schools, including large ones, that should have been more scrupulous). However, as time has gone on, effective test prep for the way the FAA actually administrators tests now belongs to those who can not only provide a reasonable sampling of current questions through professional interaction with the FAA and engagement with the test development process, but also those who can provide in-depth explanations of the content. While we always had some explanations which put us well ahead of most 'free' sites, these were never as strong or as numerous as those of the truly good professional test prep providers. The best of these, by far, is Dauntless Aviation, producers of the GroundSchool series of FAA test preps. Because of this, we are now strongly encouraging potential test takers to check them out - their preps cost less than about a fourth of what taking the actual test costs at a testing center costs, and as such is a smart investment. Dauntless explanations are detailed and illustrated--much more deeply than you will from book publishers. Yes, the content of Dauntless apps and software is far better than that of the books and software that you might see at your FBO or flight school.

One last word: you might still ocacsionally get advice from an old time pilot or maybe even your instructor, to 'memorize the questions.' That advice is obsolete and outdated. While there is always an outside chance that you might pass with such an approach, chances are that you won't. Time has moved on since rote memorization was a viable strategy, and, honestly, we all know deep down inside that while the written test may seem like a chore, deep down it helps us internalize and learn the content. And so, if it's worth learning, it's worth learning well. Again, we strongly suggest that you give the Dauntless preps a go.

Click here to visit Dauntless Aviation for FAA Written and Checkride Oral Exam Preps

Thank you and good luck in all of your aviation goals!