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As the FAA no longer publishes complete test banks, the test banks provided here, just like at all free sites, can only give you a brief taste of the real thing. The 'questions available' figures here do not represent current FAA banks.

When you're really ready for serious study to pass the actual test, make the modest but very smart investment in a Dauntless GroundSchool FAA Test Prep and/or App where you will find far more up to date and complete question banks, a polished, efficient interface, and detailed expalantions to most questions. The CFIs, editors, and instructors who manage the Dauntless apps work hard to keep on top of FAA changes and to prepare you for the question variations that the FAA now increasingly is putting before test takers. Their material is generally far more up to date than competing books, websites, DVDs, and apps, and their detailed explanations really help you learn the material.

  Private & Recreational Pilot Questions Available  
Private Pilot Airplane 580/599
Private Pilot Glider 470/489
Private Pilot Balloon - Gas 382/401
Private Pilot Balloon - Hot Air 413/432
Private Pilot Lighter-Than-Air (Airship) 413/432
Private Pilot Rotorcraft - Gyroplane 509/528
Private Pilot Rotorcraft - Helicopter 544/563
Recreational Pilot Airplane 601/620
Recreational Pilot Gyroplane 530/549
Recreational Pilot Helicopter 565/584
Private Pilot Airplane/Recreational Pilot - Transition 580/599
Private Pilot Gyroplane/Recreational Pilot - Transition 509/528
Private Pilot Helicopter/Recreational Pilot - Transition 543/562

  Private Pilot Parachute & Weight-Shift-Control Questions Available  
Private Pilot Powered Parachute 1/245
Private Pilot Weight-Shift-Control 1/245

  Sport Pilot Questions Available  
Sport Pilot General 174/174

  Instrument Rating Questions Available  
Instrument Rating Airplane 894/894
Instrument Rating Helicopter 924/924
Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane 895/895
Flight Instructor Instrument Helicopter 925/925
Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane (added rating) 895/895
Flight Instructor Instrument Helicopter (added rating) 925/925
Ground Instuctor Instrument 933/933
Instrument Rating Foreign Pilot 892/892

  Commercial Pilot Questions Available  
Commercial Pilot Airplane 568/577
Commercial Pilot Balloon - Gas 514/595
Commercial Pilot Balloon - Hot Air 514/595
Commercial Pilot Glider 559/647
Commercial Pilot Lighter-Than-Air (Airship) 513/571
Commercial Pilot Rotorcraft Gyroplane 529/595
Commercial Pilot Rotorcraft Helicopter 534/636
Military Competence Airplane 568/577
Military Competence Helicopter 544/646

  Flight Instructor Questions Available  
Flight Instructor Airplane (added rating) 701/1143
Flight Instructor Glider (added rating) 707/1149
Ground Instructor Advanced 712/1154
Ground Instructor Basic 703/1145
Flight Instructor Airplane 701/1143
Flight Instructor Glider 707/1149
Fundamentals of Instructing 161/603
Flight Instructor Rotorcraft Gyroplane 703/1145
Flight Instructor Rotorcraft Helicopter 703/1145
Flight Instructor Gyroplane (added rating) 703/1145
Flight Instructor Helicopter (added rating) 703/1145

  Sport Instructor Questions Available  
Flight Instructor Sport Airplane 67/429
Flight Instructor Sport Balloon 23/384
Flight Instructor Sport Glider 58/420
Flight Instructor Sport Lighter-Than-Air (Airship) 29/391
Flight Instructor Sport Powered Parachute 50/412
Flight Instructor Sport Weight-Shift-Control 62/424
Flight Instructor Sport Gyroplane 44/406

  Airline Transport Pilot Questions Available  
Airline Transport Pilot Airplane (121) 585/1505
Airline Transport Pilot Airplane (135) 793/1713
Airline Transport Pilot Airplane (135)(Added Rating) 793/1713
Airline Transport Pilot Helicopter (135) 493/1413
Airline Transport Pilot Helicopter (135)(Added Rating) 493/1413
Aircraft Dispatcher 651/1571

  Flight Engineer Questions Available  
Flight Engineer Turbojet (added rating) 0/848
Flight Engineer Reciprocating Engine/Basic 0/848
Flight Engineer Turboprop (added rating) 0/848
Flight Engineer Reciprocating Engine (added rating) 0/848
Flight Engineer Turboprop/Basic 0/848
Flight Engineer Turbojet/Basic 0/848

  Aviation Mechanic - General Questions Available  
Aviation Mechanic General 557/560
Designated Mechanic Examiner 557/560

  Aviation Mechanic - Airframe Questions Available  
Aviation Mechanic Airframe 1029/1029

  Aviation Mechanic - Powerplant Questions Available  
Aviation Mechanic Powerplant 1005/1005

  Parachute Rigger Questions Available  
Parachute Rigger Senior 306/306
Parachute Rigger Military Competence 306/306
Parachute Rigger Master 306/306
Designated Parachute Rigger Examiner 306/306